Academy of Fine Arts
University of Zagreb


(Art as a positive, integrative, social and communicating moment)

With this exhibition and their artwork, our young creative minds and students of the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb, are nullifying that would-be, inescapable, beguiling roundabout field of seemingly (and at the moment exceptionally current) technologically jumbled (and ultimately lost) communication concepts of Fake NewsThe Tower of Babel.

The artworks of these young people are a dynamic ethical anchor – they are not merely aesthetical as art is often portrayed.

They create this with an unbounded intermedial (painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, film, multimedia and basically all forms of creative expression!), intercontextual, and most importantly, open interpersonal cooperation. The domain of their work is concreteness: they demonstrate that, in spite of all common perceptions that are taken for granted, art does not blow smoke – it’s not only a decoration, nor is it a pendant – it is the most powerful expression and engine of our existence, of our aspirations and of our Spirit!

It’s a pledge of beautiful and hoped-for prospects, the new Tower of Babel, only this time it’s a growing, open Tower of understanding and dialogue of our entire humanity through art and mind, regardless of where we may be!

Danko Friščić

Lora Elezović

Laura Brcković

Karlo Ris

Jurica Pušenjak

Davor Dmitrović

Ana Maria Maravić

Mia Matijević

Mihaela Erceg

Petra Šabić

Noa Geras

Robert Fenrich

Tomislav Hršak

Valentina Rašan