di Belle Arti di Venezia

OPERA PRIMA is the presentation of the works of a new generation of artists emerging from the classrooms of the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. It is also a result of Open Laboratory’s intensive summer activities that have been going on for years, taking place in the public space of Forte Marghera and is coordinated by the teachers of the School of Painting, Carlo Di Raco, Miriam Pertegato, Martino Scavezzon.

The professors Paola Bristot (History of Contemporary Art) and Riccardo Caldura (Phenomenology of Styles) presented the exhibition in Trieste in the spring of 2018 at the Studio Tommaseo, Trieste Contemporanea, in the Arca Space at the monumental atrium of the ASP-ITIS, and then in autumn in an industrial space of Porto Marghera, DumboDocks, as an opportunity to promote a research work in progress of great significance outside the academic atmosphere.

Adelisa Selimbasic

Bruno Fantelli

Caterina Casellato

Chiara Enzo

Cristina Porro

Silvia Faresin

Elena Della Corna

Fabio de Meo

Giulio Malinverni

Francesco Ronchi

Margherita Mezzetti

Marta Naturale

Marta Spagnoli

Mattia Sinigaglia

Pierluigi Scandiuzzi

Francesco Cima