Ahren Warner (b. 1986, Oxford, England) writes, makes photographs and produces moving-image works, all conceived as an ongoing exploration of contemporary networks of globalised consumption, desire and subjectivity. He is particularly interested in the slippages and silences between affection and logic, the global movement of commodities, capital, people and pleasure and the variant forms of contemporary illiberalism and non–spaces that these are often embedded within.Although he is indebted to philosophies of mind, subjectivity and political economy, he is fascinated by the impasses between such thinking and the affective experiences of human beings. His work is often produced as fluid networks of text, image and film, with the writing existing as both book and voice–over, or the same image produced and reworked as a photograph, collage and film–still. Warner often works via processes of documentation, of overheard language, or the witnessed performance of desires, drive, power and purchase. 2008–09, MA Critical Methodologies, KCL, London; 2009–13, PhD Literature & Philosophy, Queen Mary, London; 2017–21, MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, London.