Anamarija Podrebarac

Seismic Symphony
audio installation, 2020./2021.

The artwork was created in the last six months during a series of earthquakes in Karlovac County. The earthquake has no sound, what we hear are only the surface vibrations of architecture. Earthquake frequency is the most ancient sound on the planet Earth and at the same time inaccessible to us to experience. In this paper, the artist used artificial intelligence algorithms and programs to generate synthetic earthquake sound according to numerical magnitude parameters. Over 1600 earthquakes have been mapped in the symphony and work will continue to develop.

Anamarija Podrebarac is an interdisciplinary artist who critically uses digital tools in her work, like a kind of performance art, to talk about topics such as philosophical practices in non-representational theory, the repetitiveness of meaning-forming codes, and the reach of artificial intelligence. In her works, the artist uses computational processes, natural language processing technology, repetitive neural networks, performance art practices and poetry generated by artificial intelligence. She is currently working on her doctoral studies at Central Saint Martinis, Faculty of Art and Design at the University of the Arts in London, where she is completing her PhD and building an academic career. The artist has domestic and international exhibitions and collaborations.