Ela Štefanac

Touch memory
combined technique (photo album, personal photos, black thermochromatic color), 2018.

Memories fade. When we remember them they, come to us clearer with more details. We need to touch them to remember more. This work is just that – my memories that the observer needs to touch and appear with warm hands.

Autopsy of red poppy
slideshow, 2017.

The work Autopsy of red poppy was created by pressing red (wild) poppies. The flowers are pressed between two transparent thermo foils and due to the natural properties of the plants, sap release and drying, the two sides are glued without the use of glue. Nothing is manipulated by adding colour or drawing. After drying, the work was framed and placed in slide frames. First of all, the work is deeply poetic.

Ela Štefanac is a visual artist working in the field of sculpture, object, ambient art and performance. Her work is not limited to the medium, but she often uses analog photography, found and everyday objects, elements from nature, video, sound and her own body. In her work she tries to present visual poetry in contemporary art.