Carefully bringing together art and nature, Hrvoje Dumančić, a prominent Croatian sculptor born and based in Zagreb, created a series of works entitled Horseland. Each piece renders the image of a horse, a key figure of Dumančić’s world. He treats this iconic creature that historically connects a man with the nature in a highly personal, even intimate way. A professional rider and a devoted horselover since his childhood, Dumančić is quite far from seeing horses as animalistic symbols of power and pride,

but rather reveals what can be called an infinite soul of a horse, which is as sensitive and as fragile as a soul of a man. This personal philosophy lies behind each and every element of Horseland. Breaking away from the standards of post-industrial production of art and the conditions of the high-tech and fast-paced world, Dumančić creates Horseland in an authentic way, using only natural materials and following the lost tradition.