Marianna Nardini

Marianna Nardini is currently pursuing her Master’s diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb under the mentorship of prof. Ante Rašić. Her art practice is orientated towards multimedia, new media practice, scenography and experimental music. Presented works are a selected part of the author’s cycle called “Oedipus’ skin” – an ontological-existential questioning of the self and, consequently, of concepts such as metaphysics, identity, authenticity, discomfort. The objects embody a process in which finality is in the background and ambiguity (bivalence) is in the foreground. 

The tireless source of questions, through this cycle, is expressed in the diversity of forms that emphasize the eternal search of the human spirit, both in the introspective world and in its conflict (coexistence) with the external. Discomfort is, in this context, in the role of Prometheus. What is the relationship between soul and society? How plastic are we? What form is our raw essence?