Hojnik Fišić

Mia Maraković studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (Zagreb) and in 2018 she obtained the Master degree in Fine Arts.

So far, she has had eleven solo exhibitions and about seventy group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

She won the Rector’s Award in 2016 for the project Life Under the Sun, received a special award as part of the Student International Art Biennale (Macedonia) in 2017, a year later received the third award of the Rovinj Homeland Museum and was awarded a commendation by the Academic Council as the most successful student. yr. 2017/2018

She is the leader of art workshops for children and adults in Rovinj (Canter Mare), Srebrenica (Association Cesvi and Youth Center Srebrenica),

Potocari (Boarding school for children from Srebrenica and Association of Handicapped Children and Youth Leptir), Construction High School Cakovec, Zagreb (CKIM) , Penitentiary for Women-Požega, Educational Institution Turopolje and Faculty of Law, Department of Social Work 2016, 2017 and 2018.

She created three temporary public installations: Tree of Abundance, Tunnel of Good Wishes, in 2016 and Comb Me – Fourth Conference of International Expressive Art Therapy and Training, Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, 2018.

She is a member of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists, Zagreb.