Sonja Škvorc

Sonja Škvorc collages are mixed media art that represents her intriguing ways of expression by combining architecture, design and fine arts. The signature of Sonja’s expression is her talent for both composition and colour. The composition of each collage is balanced without a single wrong artistic move. Sonja usually uses black or grey, there is always a dominant presence of an accent of red, yellow, orange, blue or green. Pieces of textiles, nets, leaves, photo clips with parts of human faces or birds give a special liveliness. The details with birds give to her art the special charm of the environment. All her collages, made of different materials, make you dive into the present moment of modern industrialized life. Each of the collages has its own deep emotional story which emerges from love for nature and resistance to life embedded in patterns, representing a profound desire for freedom.

Sonja Škvorc graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Zagreb in 1975. After graduating, she worked in various institutions, and since 2000, as a member of the Croatian Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers, she has been a certified designer in the design bureau. Her passion for improving the quality of life through aesthetics and design has led her career through interior design throughout Croatia. From apartments, family houses, apartments, holiday homes, villas and gardens, her signature are bright, comfortable and airy spaces with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality, with preserved authenticity of space, time and people. She turned her love for interiors into making collages that are a kind of homage to experience and time.