Tara Beata Racz

Tara Beata Racz was born in Zagreb. In 2016, she graduated in psychology at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and for success and commitment during her studies she was awarded two Deans awards for excellence. In 2019, she graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in the class of prof. Ksenija Turčić. During her painting studies she was awarded with four Rector’s Awards. She completed her education in Clinical Expressive Art Therapy with Israeli art therapist and psychologist Avi Goren Bar. In addition, currently she is in training as a Gestalt psychotherapist. So far, she has exhibited in several group exhibitions, most notably Coloristic Dialogues at the Forum Gallery (2018), 

The 5th Biennial of Painting at the HDLU (2019), and The World Literature Festival at the Josip Račić Modern Gallery. (2019), InFLUence in the Cultural Center Travno (2020), They are here in the Gallery of Fine Arts Slavko Kopač (2020), Situation in the Gallery Forum (2020) and in solo exhibitions at the Library of Marija Jurić Zagorka called Psychonautics (2018) , at the Bunker Youth Center called The Space of Encounters (2020), at the Zlati Ajngel Gallery called Transanimalia (2020), at the Shira Gallery called Hybrids (2021). and in the Jozo Kljaković Gallery entitled Dance with Shadows (2021). At the 5th Biennial of Painting, she received the HPB Award for Young Artist.