The beginning_(de)construction

Young generation Croatian contemporary artists in this new media exhibition represent digital art and new media installations/ambiances. After confronting the paradigm of private and collective, their works reflect their personal artistic tendencies and interests as well as their interdependence in the context of the contemporary and intergeneration artistic dialogue.
The artists’ central motive of research is introspection while they communicate their artistic sensibility based on self-analysis of what is essential, primal  beginning. The bringing together of ten new media concepts as personal reflections and their transformation into a unique crypto unit NFT, an element of blockchain, a collective digital monetary system, reflect the interdependence of the notions of I/we, individual/integrated  and  finally private/common ownership.

This exhibition simultaneously constructs and deconstructs the artistic entity in the context of the ongoing changes in the world of art after the emergence of digitization of its value system. The synthesis of both material and intangible reality raises the timeless Paul Gauguin’s question of the outcome of this fusion: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? (D’où venons-nous ? Que sommes-nous ? Où allons-nous ?, 1897/8).

Concept: Katarina Podobnik

— NFT versions of the artwork are posted on the Mintable marketplace:

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Ivana Tkalčić

Rina Barbarić

Marina Rajšić

Dorotea Škrabo

Michel Mesarić

Juraj Milardović

Marija Arkelyan Lučić

Gaia Radić

Josipa Krolo

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Josip Knežević