Vjekoslav Filipović

wood, wood glue, 2012.

In this work of art, the artist introduces us to contemporary material recycling for the purpose of art. The work is created from discarded wooden cassettes from a student restaurant, and explores the possibilities of design and sculptural expression through what the material offers. The sculptures are geometric because they dictate the material and leave the impression of regularity due to the rhythm itself. In addition to binders, light also plays a very important role. The possibilities of the material are great, almost infinite as well as variations.

Vjekoslav Filipović is an artist from Osijek who primarily likes to express himself in the medium of sculpture. In the field of sculpture, he creates forms from a wide variety of materials: stone, metal, wire, wood, straw, clay, ceramics, styrofoam, plaster, laminated paper, cardboard, snow and earth. Through his works, he talks about environmental and social issues, and pushes the boundaries of his own medium.