Born in Pula in 1955. She studied English, Italian and journalism in Ljubljana, which is how she expands her intimate world in painting. She belonged to the Staze group, and was taught about figuration and color in the studio of professor Dino Trtovac. Known for her white paintings / cement reliefs that she has created since 1987. Reflections on the world we live in from the aspect of sacredness were completed in 10 years in the framework of Laudato. In 2012, she became a member of the 

international group Movimento energy tracks, which investigates processes in painting from destruction with different materials to reintegration in the art form. The year 2014 is the beginning of cooperation with the gallery Galerie d’art uNo from Canada, of which she is a permanent collaborator, on exhibitions and activities. It is guided by social engagement, images that border on sculpture and complete freedom of action. She is a member of HLD Zagreb (2015) and HULULK (2016).