The secret of a well-dressed woman
Author: Lucija Buzančić
Curator: Jelena Mićić

The Art bubble / Art & Money program are pop-up exhibitions whose locations are constantly in motion and which are proposed by curators, curatorial collectives, art historians and anyone interested in curatorial practices by applying to a public tender. The most interesting proposals are chosen by a jury made up of visual artists. Last year’s winning curatorial concept was Lucija Bužančić’s illustrations and animations entitled “The secret of a well-dressed woman” placed in the second-hand

store ‘Ulični onmar’. The exhibition is inspired by the quotes of Žuža Jelinek, which she addressed in her book to a modern woman in the 60s to advise her on contemporary dressing and behavior. Today, these rules are ridiculous and/or inappropriate, but they call to mind the idea that social conditions have changed and invite us to question the concept of contemporary social trends to which we often succumb without even realizing it.
The winning exhibition of the first Art Bubble was completed this year with ceramic objects by the Ukrainian duo Morra Ceramics, on which individual stages in the animation created during the creation of the illustrations were printed.