Consuelo Palma

Consuelo Palma is a visual artist whose work stretches from the heights of the Andes to the depths of the human heart. Born and raised in Santiago de Chile, her art is inspired by various themes from the most everyday experience, as well as indigenous and modern traditions of Latin America. She is always in search of a universal artistic language that goes beyond borders.
Palma studied graphic design, goldsmithing and metal engraving, in a quest to express “the dreams and desires of the soul through matter.” She currently concentrates on painting and ceramics. Among her latest works is her heart series, which she hopes will cause viewers to cast aside the clichéd connotations of the organ and its symbolic form and invite them to imagine the endless other ideas that she can evoke. In this way, the viewer will once again see the heart as a “more playful,

more diverse, more connected and more universal idea”.
The artist lives and works in Zagreb and has exhibited her work in several countries, including Spain, Italy, Monaco and Croatia.
Sept. 2022 “Lenka Franulic” room, Chilean embassy in Croatia.
Dic 2022 “Windows”, Croatian Club organization. Santiago, Chile
December 2019 “Flow” AMZ gallery. Zagreb
November 2018 ” Soul of two worlds ” Library Bogdan Ogrizović. Zagreb
May 2018, “One heart, two lands”, Mimara Museum. Chilean culture day.
Consuelo Palma has participated in a big number of group exhibitions both in Croatia and abroad.