Dalija Stanić

interactive sound installation (hollow tin objects, mobile phones), 100 × 100 × 100 cm
With the interactive sound installation Connecting…, the artist emphasizes the symbiosis of man and technology, which is inevitable nowadays. The constant dialogue between the biological and the technological is most visible in human exploitation and imitation of natural features with the assistance of technological achievements, which distorts our reality in various ways. According to the artist, the sounds produced by the installation do not contain speech but evoke the atmosphere of open spaces, urban and loud places, as well as neglected places without human presence so that no specific meaning could be attributed to them. Dialing and calling numbers unites the audience, and as a result, an instrumental ambience of different sounds that spread throughout the room is created, thus playing with the audience’s curiosity and expectations because they expect communication or non-response from the other side.
Tia Pošta

Dalija Stanić was born in 1998 in Zagreb. In her artistic work, she explores points of contact, mutual influence and consequent changes in the sociological, psychological and biological aspects of mankind. In her work, she expresses through intermediality with an emphasis on the element of sound. She is currently a 4th year undergraduate student of Graphics in the class of prof. Mirjana Vodopija. She exhibited at group exhibitions in Zagreb and Samobor, and in 2022 she founded the independent Gallery Polica at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with Nataša Devčić.