Danijela Mihić

Mr. Robot
stop-motion animation, 2021.

This stop-motion animation was created for the exhibition Homo faber – utopia or dystopia? and clearly shows the colourful and playful world, but also the visual language of the Banja Luka’s artist Daniela Mihić. This work deals with the re-examination of the diversity of identities – be it one’s own identity, the identity of the people from the immediate environment of society itself, or the identity of a robotic being that, directly or indirectly, enters human life and changes the context of work and human life.

Danijela Mihić is an artist from Banja Luka whose main focus of artistic creation is on the medium of painting. However, the artist expands her interests and is interested in researching various media, thus creating collages, animations and illustrations. In each of the mentioned media, she shows expressed creativity and imagination in which she designs vivid scenography and narration.