Dijana Čović

She was born in Vukovar on March 26, 1971. She found her love for art very early, from her primary school when she drew a lot. Even then, she attended her first art drawing workshop in the class of professor Slobodan Popović. She graduated from high school for culture and art. The war forced her to turn to the written word. The whole family moved into exile in Zagreb, where she graduated in journalism. In 1994, he got a job at Croatian Radio and Television, where he currently works as the editor of the Regional Daily. It is a stressful and very tiring job.

She found an escape from such reality again a few years ago and turned it into pictures. She attended two painting workshops, one at the Novi Zagreb Cultural Center with the academic painter Vesna Šantak, and then a private one with the mentor of the respected academic painter and pedagogue at one time with a London address, Hrvoje Majer. Since then, her obsession with painting has not stopped. She says about herself today: “Art has changed me, art changes everything, I can breathe freely again…”