Gaia Radić

Simulacrum 1
360° animation, 2021.

Jean Baudrillard begins his famous work “The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth — it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true.” Continuing to describe the ancient empire that, as his territory expanded, created a map that was so precise in scale and detail that eventually, the map itself became an empire. In the same way, non-existent virtual spaces featuring animations problematize the blurry intersection of reality and fantasy, conscious and subconscious, and material reality and new cyber reality that has occupied collective and individual perception since the end of the last century. The work deals with the question of the boundary of the “true” space and the individual’s interpretation of it, stimulated by pictographic stimuli.

Gaia Radić from 2019 attends applied arts studies at the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka and from 2020 studies architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University in Ljubljana. She works in the field of digital and new media art, and she has had the opportunity to participate in fifteen group exhibitions in Rijeka, Zagreb, Pula, Labin, Split, Karlovac and Kranj. She held her first solo exhibition “Worlds” in January 2021 at the SKC Gallery in Rijeka. She mainly uses digital media, such as 3D modeling and computer graphics, animations, digital visualizations and collages.