Garage Kamba

Garage KAMBA (Garaža KAMBA) is a gallery space in the center of Zagreb, more precisely in the courtyard of Ilica 37. Its beginnings date back to 2017 and since then the space acts as a pop-up gallery with a program focused on new media art, interdisciplinary work and ambient artistic practice. The program is based on a non-traditional exhibition format, artistic practice based in the context and physical characteristics of the space, as well as an open dialogue with the audience. With its unique space, Kamba has managed to engage general and art audience, and by activating the yard area it continues to attract even random passers-by.

The project was founded with the aim of supporting young artists and cultural workers who implement innovative curatorial practices and stands for high-quality contemporary content. By encouraging innovative expression we want to contribute to the city’s cultural scene and develop sensibility towards understanding the phenomenon of contemporary art and its social role.

Marianna Nardini

Iva Supić Janković

Josip Drdić

Andrej Beštak i Anja Leko