Green Sofa Gallery

Green Sofa is a private gallery of contemporary art, founded in 2006, located in Lviv, Ukraine. Green Sofa cooperates with the best representatives of Lviv art. Exposure variables occur every three to four weeks. Art exhibitions, annual seasonal exhibitions. The gallery presents the following types of art: painting, sculpture, graphics, handicraft, new media art, installation and more. For most of the works of art on display at the Green Sofa gallery, this is a premiere show. In addition, for many artist’s exhibitions at the Green Sofa Gallery are also the first event in their biography. Participates in Lviv festivals, including the Book Forum Lviv (2007) with exhibition by Algirdas Steponavičius, Night in Lviv 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Lviv Days in the cities of Ukraine (Sumy 2013), Festival «Japanese spring in Lviv» 4 – 6.04.2014 and others. The gallery hosted a thematic group exhibition for Euro 2012, which was included in the

program of events of the championship. Among the important exhibitions – the own project of the gallery “Museum” implemented by the gallery and has three stages: the first – “Museum. Painting of the 90’s ”(2011), the second -“ Museum. Graphics of the 90’s ”(2013) and the third –“ Museum. Sculpture of the 90’s ”(2015). During the first phase of the project the catalog was issued. Green Sofa Gallery participated in Kyiv Art Week 2019 where it presented the project “Andrey Savchuk and Nazar Simotiuk “Communications”. Participation in Lviv Art Week – 2020. “Ressurection”. Petro Smetana exhibition in “Personal Structure” biennale in Venice. April, 23 – November, 27 2022 is continues now. The gallery has curated two exhibitions in Vilnius. «The first week» of Veronica Cherednichenko took place on May 7-28, 2022. Danylo Movchan exhibition “War in Ukraine” is scheduled for June – July 2022 in Marijos ir Jurgio Šlapelių namas-muziejus.

Exhibiting: Veronika Cherednichenko and Yuriy Koval