Homo faber ‒ utopia or dystopia?

In modern, technology-based society, characterized by computational processes, we are constantly exposed to images, sounds, movements and colours that we are only able to perceive peripherally. The true aesthetic experience relates to ethics thus enriching human dignity and the human spirit. The conditionality of ethics, nature, technology and art is also discussed in a multimedia exhibition entitled Homo faber  utopia or dystopia?, which problematically focuses on a man who builds a tool (technē) to manage nature for his benefit. 

These are hybrids in art and the programming of ethical thought into the world and consciousness of people while the works presented are on the border of art, bio-art, science and bioethics.

Ivana Ožetski

Anamarija Podrebarac

Ela Štefanac

Danijela Mihić

Ivana Đerić

Vjekoslav Filipović

Margareta Lekić