Supić Janković

Iva Supić Janković is a visual artist that for years worked within Amsterdam’s art context, and recently she’d moved to Zagreb. She graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amstedram) and Royal Art Academy (Haag) in field of MAR. Her art praxis is interdisciplinary and orientated around different disciplines: museum practice, art education, fashion. In Amsterdam she founded Zolder Museum, summer art school UNIVERS(E)ity and fashion brands (Fashion of Christ, Sins’N’Pains, VRA). 

In Zagreb she opened store PLANET which works as commercial space, as well as a art initivative bringing together local artists and designers. She initiated the ZGRBČKZLDS DBRDHZGRB* project, which consists of a fanzine and a mini fashion collection. Zine is dedicated to Ilica Street, once the main artery of the city, today a reminder of the economic & political collapse that has shaken this city and this country for  years, as well as football fans (BBB) and Zagreb’s witches.