Ivana Đerić

Plant performance
spatial and sound installation, 2019.

This work of art deals with the research of communication between nature and man, with emphasis on plants and their senses, human senses and research of human behavior through sensory stimuli, experience as a work of art and research of new materials. With the use of modern technology, the artist wants to bring man closer to nature and reduce the distance that we, as a society and an epoch, have created. The installation works in such a way that the sensor collects plant data via a computer and converts it into sound which is then played by the plants below the roots, after which the signals of the plant’s reaction to that sound are measured again. In this way the plants actually determine for themselves the frequencies they will listen to.

Ivana Đerić is Croatian artist based in The Netherlands. In her artistic practice, she focuses on natural processes, human behaviour, and social interactions triggered by sensorial experiences. Through digital media, installations, graphic design and performances, she researches these themes by experimenting with (natural) materials and inviting the visitor to participate in her work.