Ivana Geček

State of Mind


digital illustration, paper, 212.1 × 100 cm

With the digital, three-part illustration State of Mind, Ivana Geček emphasizes the exploration of feelings that arise from the ubiquitous saturation of information. Daily exposure to a lot of content in the younger population leads to the creation of strong urges to accept or reject certain attitudes imposed by the media. There are almost religious feelings towards information, which the author materializes through, also religiously allusive, the form of a triptych where each part represents one screen. Visual information crosses the borders of the screen and becomes part of life outside it. With depictions of an oversized and unrealistic human body, motifs of global warming, and elements that symbolize the general saturation of opinions, expectations, facts, lies, and truth, the author shows the feeling of disconnection from reality and real values ​​that occurs in the recipient. The busy subconscious of young people is personalized with the use of bright colors.

Marina Šafarić

Ivana Geček is an illustrator, comic author, and graphic designer born in 1996 in Varaždin. She graduated in visual communications and graphic design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka in 2021 and is the winner of the APURI Dean’s Award. Her projects include making illustrations for magazines and picture books, making posters and visual identities, and drawing comics that have been published in Croatian and Swedish comic-zines. She exhibited at several group exhibitions such as AntiSalon (2020) and VGA 02 (2020). She is a member of the Croatian Design Society.