Ivana Ožetski

Geometry of nature/Shapes – spheres
combined technique, 2017.–2020.

The experience of working with a frequency generator and sand on a metal plate (as part of the Tesla-Mind From The Future project) prompted the artist to explore the hidden world of form that exists simultaneously, without being aware of it until we translate it into another, a more visible medium for us. In the works that emerge, the order and organisation inherent in the world of nature is revealed, which we encounter every time we peek into the depths of the geometry of nature, often called sacred geometry. Fragile spatial constructions, made of natural material and painted with natural colours (turmeric, beetroot …) repeat the structures that exist in nature and belong to the world of viruses. The knowledge that the artist is repeating the structure of Hepatitis B virus, Mosaic virus, and others with her objects, only further confirmed the research and the premonition that all forms are already pre-inscribed in us and it is only a matter of time and how we will release and release them into another medium.

Forces and Formations
matrix/relief, 2018. – 2020.

The series of prints called Forces and Formations continues the 2018. cycle and also leans towards the idea that all data about shapes exist woven and written within us, and we sense and combine them according to inner intuition, need and moment. The name Forces and Formations is derived from the observation of the grouping of particles exposed to magnetic action, but also the grouping of living organisms in nature (swarms of beetles, schools of fish, birds …).

Ivana Ožetski, by vocation, is primarily a painter, and when, observing the world around her, she becomes an engaged artist, she records video works (using the camera as a picture) and uses digital tools that serve as an upgrade to the traditional painting medium. Through her works of art in various media, from classical easel painting to multimedia art, the artist captures the phenomena of the physical and metaphysical, the scientific and the mystical, the visible and the invisible.