Jelena Remetin

‘FRAGMENTI – an ode to the body’ by Jelena Remetin is interdisciplinary storytelling based on sound surfaces, movement and filling empty space in correlation with the audience, presented in the form of an interactive art installation. The cycle that began with the project FOR vs AGAINST continues today with FRAGMENTS, composing an ode (body) as one of the ‘intermediates’ of the playing field of complete freedom that is within us. In the original project, the content and mise en scène thematized violence, showing the ambiguity that exists in interpersonal relationships, false impressions, and the judgments we have towards each other, while in this project, the focus of violence goes to the center of the human body, showing its experience of the uncontrolled influence of the outside world. In the entire cycle, the audience is placed first and each user becomes the main actor of every interdisciplinary artistic work. This is a project where physical and digital narration are combined, functioning together in an imaginary space, both in virtual reality and in the reality of the viewer himself.

Jelena Remetin is a visual artist working in the field of expanded painting, photography and film. Born in Split, she has been living in Paris where she studied film and photography at EFET and she specialised in Virtual Reality in Dixit. In July 2016,she represented Croatia at the UNESCO Art for Peace workshop in Andorra. The works she created in residence in Andorra are on display at the UN, New York. Her recent exhibition projects include a solo show titled “Wheel of Time” as part of the Rendez-vous Festival of France in Croatia and a participation in group exhibitions Art en Capital, Paris, Salon des Beaux Arts –Louvre, Paris and Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris. She was also a finalist at Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award 2013. Her work “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” is part of a collection of Digital Documentation Center at Complutense University of Madrid(UCM). Jelena is a member of the Croatian freelance artists and a professional artistic association Maison des Artistes.