Jurica Mihinjač

A friend called True Story
painted wood, 30 × 30 ×12 cm
Contemporary society is burdened with objective values. In order to fit in, the individual becomes a participant in the consumerist-hedonistic way of life. While fulfilling expected social norms, people resort to false, made-up stories. Jurica Mihinjač’s sculpture is inspired by the artist’s personal experience, that is, his acquaintance with a friend called True Story who, in the absence of his own stories, reaches for fictional ones. The sculpture does not mimetically copy reality but represents the artist’s abstract interpretation of false information that manifests itself in color and shape. The work consists of simple geometric shapes and bichromatic coloring, where acid yellow contrasts with black and represents the false words coming out of the speaker’s mouth. The sculpture points out the fact that disinformation does not necessarily have to come from the media or some other, distant sources. Under the pressure of social expectations, our loved ones often succumb to them.
Klara Macolić

Jurica Mihinjač is a sculptor whose creative and developmental process is related to the city of Varaždin. He started his artistic activity by working with metal and wood and continues his art practice in the same direction. He is the author of several spatial installations in Varaždin’s old town core, which he realized in cooperation with the City of Varaždin, the Tourist Board of Varaždin, and the Conservation Department in Varaždin. Since 2017, he has been a member of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists in Varaždin, in whose gallery he had a solo exhibition this year. He participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad, of which stand out are the solo exhibitions in the City Museum of Varaždin, the exhibition space of the company Ericsson Nikola Tesla in Zagreb, as well as exhibitions in the cities of Rijeka and Sofia.