Marija Arkelyan Lučić

Ships Sailing Nowhere
film, 2019.

Director: Marija Arkelyan Lučić
Actress: Lea Čepić
Camera: Ganna Kamendrovska
Dron camera: Matija Lukman
Costume design: Tina Spahija
Production: Matija Lukman, Marija Lučić

The short experimental film is dedicated to all those who seem to serve no purpose, have no perspective or vision of a clear future, lost in the nothingness of their existence ‒ Ships that sail nowhere. The contrasting red as a symbol of longing and passion, and blue as a symbol of self-confidence, faith and stability, they are an allegory of the “golden middle way”, peace or the Zen to which we all aspire. The scene of a girl floating and surrounded by sea and sky is a visual allegory of serenity. Her thoughts do not surrender to expectations, to a possible and desirable future. She is free.

Marija Arkelyan Lučić is a film director and VJ artist from Croatia, residing in Berlin. Her main interests are experimental films and video art. She is an active member of VJ collective Tensememori (Berlin) and Kinoklub Zagreb. She attended numerous film/VJ workshops, including a cinematography workshop with film director Fred Kelemen as well as a VJ workshop with VJ artist A-li-ce (Die Universität der Künste Berlin, UdK Berlin). Ships Sailing Nowhere was screened at numerous European film festivals and was awarded the film of the month at the Open Screenings Festival in Berlin.

Tina Spahija in 2010 graduated from the School of Fine Arts, majoring in Clothing Design. During high school, she participated in numerous fashion shows and competitions. As a senior, she participated in the 2010 Days of Clothing competition. From 2011 she attended undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, majoring in textile and fashion design in 2016. As a costume designer, she works on student films of the Academy of Dramatic Art. She is a member of the First Cooperative of Fabric8 Co-op students. Today she works as a set designer on numerous projects, as well as Netflix production series.