Marina Rajšić

Prt Scrn
multimedia installation

The Print Screen multimedia work is conceived as a display of a three-dimensional computer desktop. In the original, it consists of five panels, and each panel represents an open window on the desktop. In this case, Prt Scrn is a compact version of the work, in which only the content of the projection is displayed in one strip.
It is about analyzing the diversity of content in the virtual world and how they affect us intellectually, emotionally, and physically. For today’s modern man, what happened in the real world is no more important than what happened in the virtual world. The content we encounter there ranges from extremely pleasant to shocking, and when we turn off our cell phones and computers, the same content continues to affect us subconsciously. The work consists of 13 mutually collaged and synchronized videos recorded with the screen recording function, which deal with the themes of the representation of women throughout history, the improvement and beautification of the physical appearance in order to approach the ideal of “beautiful” and the influence of digital technologies on the experience of our own appearance (which is manifested by the emergence of a new the mental illness of body dysmorphia that occurs as a result of using the Snapshot application). He questions the cyber world, a world of noise crowded with colors, sounds and content, saturated with inaccurate and accurate, relevant and irrelevant information that affects modern man and his consciousness. Emphasizing at the same time that we look at the screens of our mobile phones and computers constantly and continuously creating our own visual and content world woven from our own interests.

Marina Rajšić (Rijeka, 1995) has a master’s degree in visual communication and graphic design at Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka in 2019. Since 2014, he has been exhibiting collectively and independently. In 2018, he published an art book called Umjetno(st) lijepo(g), which was awarded the Rector’s Award of the University of Rijeka for independent artistic work. In his works, he deals with the topics of the relationship between the individual and the population, and examines himself as a member of the population of the 21st century. It moves in the direction of conceptual, new media art. She is interested in contemporary social norms and the broader social context, fiction and speculation, the relationship between virtual and physical space, comparisons between past and present, artificial and natural, science and trends, active and passive. She collaborated with the cultural and artistic organization Labin Art Express XXI (Print Screen, 2019, Balans 2021). She exhibits at MSU Rijeka (2017, 2021), SC Zagreb Gallery (2016, 2019), Filodrammatica Gallery in Rijeka (2021), and as a finalist for the Radoslav Putar Award at Galić Gallery in Split (2022).