Marko Šošić

The exhibition 18+ is the nineteenth solo exhibition by Marko Šošić. In this exhibition he exhibits 12 different paintings that he started to paint one and a half years ago during the first quarantine. As an artist and painter, isolation brought him special time and emotions, which he painted consecutively every day, for ten, twelve hours, and so on for months. With this rhythm, he returned to the discipline he had at the Academy, which includes considerable physical effort, because stains can be exhausting; he hardly remembers such a sequence and continuity of painting. The result is a series of intimate depictions of people and even more intimate moments of our deepest loneliness, absence, longing; seemingly draped in eroticism and visual exhibition. In isolation, we encounter ourselves, and what we have encountered now looks at us and comes out. What will people say? Because we said ours. In the necessary verbalizations of these paintings, he says that it is a “highly aestheticized fantasy”, both his and theirs; and there might not really be anything else to look for. 

In the postphase of the creation of the World, and the virtualization of its image – that image eludes us and gains a new aura. We share and like the repaired scenes of personal loneliness and alienation, and this image mocks us with its endless multiplication, impeccable perfection and ease of consumption.

An excellent, clear, formal and symbolic foreword by his colleague Lane Skender, B.Sc. pov. umj., for a part of these works presented in June 2020, in the Vukovar gallery “Oranžerija”, from which the author of the exhibition singles out a part: “The motifs of the paintings are female and male nudes set in very unusual relationships that evoke symbolic meanings and allow for an open interpretation by the observer. In the paintings of male nudes, the subconscious tendency to express inner states and desires is obvious. Almost baroque, naturalistic bodies float in an undefined, barely marked space, and realistic body fragments contrast with the volume of flatness and the abstraction of the background. Unlike male sensual nudes, female nudes are klimtesque stylized and occasionally schiele-like deformed, transformed into grotesque and sarcasm provoked by life situations. (…) Painting according to memory in an intimate workspace, a real painting odyssey of azure technique during which the smooth surface of the painting is gradually built and layered.”