Martina Muraro

Martina Muraro (1988, Vicenza, Italy) lives and works in Croatia. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts in 2011 (IUAV University, Venice). After a period in social activism she dedicated to the research and evolution of her personal artistic language, especially in the field of ceramics. Participates in various international exhibitions, integrating in her ceramic sculptures illustrations that mainly speak of her life in connection and exploration of nature and human nature. Her work is an attempt in visual storytelling, exploring ancient and folkloric symbolism, working with subconscious information and bringing it into shape through the clay work. Her medium has recently shifted from the shop bought clay, to natural wild clay, locally and sustainably harvested, strengthening her natural relationship with the material.

Mar 2022 “AH5”, Hungarian Institute, Zagreb
Feb 2022, “Maske” Galerija grada Krapine, Croatia
Mar 2021. “AH4″ Hungarian Institute, Zagreb
“Ceramic artistic from the world” permanent installation, Udruga Vali, Kostrena, Croatia
Jul 2019. “Fantastično Prekodravlje/Fantastic Prekodravlje”, Gola
Mar 2019 “By fire”, Udruga Glineraj, Zagreb
Nov 2018. “AH3”, Hungarian Institute, Zagreb
Sep 2017 “Zagreb Ex Tempore”, Europski dom, Zagreb
Oct 2017 “Miks 17” Ambienta, Zagreb
Jun 2017 “Vinkuran 3D festival” Pula, Croatia
May 2017 “More clay less plastic” Galerija Modulor, Zagreb
Apr 2017 “Pisanice” Galerija grada Krapine, Croatia