Tea Švarić

Tea Švarić has been studying sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb for the last four years, but she has examined other branches of art all her life. That is why various formats and materials can be found in her opus. Polyester sculptures of people hanging from the ceiling stand out in her work. The attitude of disbelief in the limitation of expression is evident, in fact, there is a constant examination of new approaches in materials and perspectives in their meanings. Apart from polyester,

the most exhibited sculptural works were in metal media. Other techniques include blown and cast glass, welded iron, embossed precious metals in the form of life-size people, graphics, paintings and murals which are worth noting as a Rector’s Award-winning project. She exhibited in various gallery spaces: Šira Zagreb, Zvonimir Zagreb Gallery, Art fair Zagreb Fair, Floraart Bundek Zagreb, Bunker Samobor, Veliki Tabor Desinić, Mimara, Grisia Rovinj and many others.