The Wasteland

Ivan Posavec is renowned Croatian photographer, born in 1953. In 1980’s he was the most important representative of the new newspaper photography in ex-Yugoslavia. He made significant contributions for all the major Croatian newspapers and magazines – Polet, Start, Gloria, Jutarnji list. His works blur the line between journalistic and artistic photography. His photographs are part of all the major Croatian museum collections. Today in his seventies, Posavec is still on the lookout for interesting motives around the city of Zagreb, where he worked his whole life, and his birthplace village in the rural region of Turopolje, south of Zagreb.

This series named “Life on the Edge” shows iron curbs of Zagreb. Their silly, phallus-like shape Posavec interpreted as a metaphor for the life of the photo reporter – always on the task, on the street, his mind and eye constantly filling with incidental bizarre or erotic fascinations. Series are presented as NFTs, which gives theese strange, archaic objects a new meaning or a new lack of any meaning.

The Wasteland is an organization for promotion of art and technology. Named after famous T. S. Eliot’s poem.