Vida Meić

Stain structures
97 × 69 cm
The way in which the artist Vida Meić analyzes the structures and characteristics of stains by way of experiments, is reminiscent of the procedures of the scientific method. The collagraphies are created using the printmaking technique of relief printing of glue and paint on paper, and they contain associative potential, which allows us to recognize fragments of our reality in a series of unusual organic forms, such as human profiles, a mix of figures, tree tops, lakes, mountains and the like. As Leonardo da Vinci pointed out in his treatise, in spots and stains we see everything we want to see, which is why we are not passive observers in front of the artist’s works, but active participants in the creative process. But despite this fictitious potential of stains, from which we can read almost anything that our imagination allows, they are nothing more than stains. Therefore, it is appropriate that the individual works do not have a title, because they do not signify anything in the apparent world, in our reality, but are themselves a direct and objective manifestation of that reality, the appearance of which is not influenced by the author, but by the chaotic and random processes of nature. In this sense, the works erase the border between art and reality, fiction and fact, and thus offer a different relationship with reality, without attempts at manipulation or illusionistic deception.
Nikola Zmijarević

Vida Meić was born in 1991 in Čakovec, and graduated in printmaking in 2017 at the Teaching Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb, where she is based today. She is the winner of numerous awards, and has participated in about thirty group exhibitions. She works in the Croatian Society of Fine Artists and as an external associate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.