Vida Meić

Paper Hahnemühle 240 gr/m2
100 X 70 cm

Damage, destruction, cracks, filth, mold. I do not copy perceived reality, but aim to transfer the traits of the model onto the matrix – the printmaking plate. As the transitory nature of reality allows an infinite spectrum of blemishes, so do the damage and erosion of the plate enable the creation of stains in printmaking. By accentuating the procedural nature of the medium, but avoiding the established rules of classical printmaking, special care is dedicated to the innovative potential of mistakes and coincidences. By damaging the plate, a world of stains is created, a projection of our destructive reality.

Vida Meić (1991., Čakovec) graduated at the Art Education department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with Latin honor Summa Cum Laude. She is the recipient of seven awards including the award of NSK Graphic Collection, the MSU Award and the Erste Grand Prix. She has had three solo exhibitions, and her work was featured in over thirty group exhibitions. She works as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb.