Andrej Beštak
Anja Leko

Andrej Beštak and Anja Leko are dynamic duo from Zagreb with an address in Reykjavik, and audio-visual artists who will present themselves at Art Zagreb 2021 with digital graphics made in 3D software and with a short animation made in the same technique. Andrej graduated in Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2018, and Anja graduated in painting at the Art Education Department in 2017, also at the Academy of Fine Arts. They met in 2016 at the Plemenitaš Graphic Workshop in Plemenitaš, and after many years of friendship, they began to collaborate professionally on various art projects. 

Unfettered by techniques and art forms, these young adventurers are involved in painting, graphics, sculpture, textile design, video, music and performance. In addition to art, this dynamic duo enjoys good movies, long bike or car rides, good food, and in summer you can often meet them at Jarun while rollerblading or at the openings of the exhibitions of their favorite gallery Garage Kamba.