Ivan Lušičić Liik is a renegade architect who got caught up in creative technologies and visual arts. Started as a VJ at the same time he enrolled in architecture school. Since then he has done visuals, set and lighting design for club nights, music and new media festivals, melodramatic concerts, theatre and dance plays, one opera buffa and many unnecessary ceremonies. Also, occasionally tutoring workshops on the theme of experimental visual media within the context of architecture. Holds a BA degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb and is just finishing the MA programme for Lighting design at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.

Dark Projection is an audio-light installation that explores lightless space. Binary contrast of light is called dark. If it is possible to project light into dark, the question that arises is – is it possible to go other war around? Project dark into light using the same equipment? The theme of this projection artwork is turnover created by inversion of positive light into negative space.