At this year’s Art Zagreb, Davor Dmitrović is presenting his work “Za sjene živih, za sjene mrtvih (sunce, sunce, sunce, sunce, sunce)” meaning “for the shadows of the living, for the shadows of the dead (sun, sun, sun, sun, sun).” This work of art is part of a larger series of monochromatic works that the artist started working on more intensely in 2017. Monochromatic painting, seen in the context of the history of art as well as Dimitrović’s own work, did not appear as some sort of a logical, inevitable next step in style, but can rather be considered an a priori statement.

The work deals with the inherent dualism of the painting as such, the relationship between two diametrically opposed elements and their paradoxal union, the relationship between the observer and the work, as well as the one between the work and its author. The main idea was to create a work of art that possesses the qualities of light and darkness, the illusion of change and stability, flatness and depth that intertwine and coincide in art, all at the same time.