Dejan Kljun

Every space in which we spend time is intimate, at least for some of its characteristics. What I do is ennobling the walls, which is giving life to empty surfaces. The second name that I would give to paintings is portal because they open new unknown worlds for us, save us from rough everyday life and bring us to a state at the edge of aesthetic experiences. So far it has been shown that big formats are ideal for furnishing your workspaces and homes. Breathe in a dynamic colouristic moment to your space and feel the change that you need.

Dejan Kljun was born in 1979. in Rijeka where he graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design – majoring in sculptural design. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2004 in professor Mire Vuce class. He ends PhD in sculpture on the topic of Object outside the spatial perspective – metaphysics of art object in 2021. Kljun has had several individual and group exhibitions. He lives and works in Zagreb.