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Right now we stand still, motionless looking at what we failed or are yet to achieve. Quietly at rest, some might feel free. This show looks at the development of an identity that appears or results in capitalist notions of progressive identity formation, what progress means and could mean forming of identity and intimacy as opposition or as part of its capitalist development. Specifically, how progress is resisted while taking form as apathy, conformity as well as rage.

Exhibition is curated by Selma Hafizovic, an American–Croatian artist living between Los Angeles and Zagreb. Presented artists: Lina Franko, Rebecca Ribichini, Corey Hayman, Ahren Warner, Adrianna Liedtke and Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger

Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger

Rebecca Ribichini

Lina Franko

Corey Hayman

Ahren Warner

Adrianna Liedtke