Juraj Milardović

Art Shit Not for Sale
3D animation, 2021.

The author explores the sensationalist ethics of consumer society by setting at the center of artistic research the consumerist ideology of contemporary aesthetic trends and opposing two shopping centers as a counterpart to the historical distinction of Rijeka’s east and west ‒ the eastern Tower Center and the Zapadni trgovački centar. By overstating the visual elements of animation as a symbol of capitalist heritage and its norms, the artist points to the hedonistic social conformity and its global heritage. The work was primarily created for Rijeka’s EPK2020 art program as part of the project Seven Faces of the City.

Juraj Milardović in 2017 graduated in interactive animation from the SAE Institute in Ljubljana, earning the title of 3D animator. Under alias DAJAJDE, an experimental art whose eclecticism borders on grotesquery, the artist creates digital multimedia montages. He has been present on the art scene since 2015. He was participating in several national and international exhibitions in Zagreb, Karlovac, Belgrade and Novi Sad. He actively acts as VJ on the international underground music scene with numerous collaborations with European and world artists.