Rino Banko

He works in the field of visual arts, sculpture and object design, using traditional materials such as stone, wood, ceramics and metal. At the centre of his interest are precisely the materials, the questioning of their boundaries and the interrelationship of matter and form. He actively participates in the work of the Quark Center for Ceramics at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka in research related to digital models and 3D print in ceramics. In parallel with his engagement at the Academy, he runs his art studio within which he deals with a wide range of activities in the field of art and its application in exterior and interior. In addition to the exhibition activity, he realized several sculptural projects that are permanently placed in public space.

He has been awarded several times for his work and activities, and he is also the winner of the Rector’s Award of the University of Rijeka. He graduated in sculpture from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka in 2018. He collaborates as an assistant on the sculptural group of courses in the undergraduate and graduate study of Applied Arts and Art Pedagogy.


098 986 43 14