Valentina Rašan will present her work consisting of three parts at this year’s Art Zagreb festival, demonstrating a black hole formation which represents an interactive relationship between sculpture and the observer. The first sculpture shows a gigantic star (5x larger than the sun) that is left without fuel or hydrogen, which is why it begins to increase. The second sculpture is a part of a major explosion, the emergence of a supernova and the formation of a neutron star. The third sculpture represents a black hole, whose mass density is so great that with its gravity everything in its vicinity is swallowed momentarily. 

On one hand, sculptures represent the artist’s view of the black hole, while on the other hand, they represent the artist itself in a symbolic way. They characterize her innermost emotions, experiences, and growth. Their shape, which changes through time and takes on a different form, similar to that of a black hole which, after its formation, exists in a constant change and transformation where nothing remains the same and repeats itself.