The Croatian Society
of Art Historians

The Croatian Society of Art Historians is a professional association founded in 1956 when our basic goals were set: improving the history of art as a scholar discipline, promoting fine arts, affirming Croatian fine arts and cultural heritage, protecting the values of Croatian culture and art, and care for the preservation, protection and restoration of heritage. In accordance with its goals, we are active in the field of culture and art, as well as education, science and research.
The Croatian Society of Art Historians takes part in the Art Zagreb festival for the first time. Our aim was to encourage constructive conversations about contemporary art, to encourage new collaborations between art historians and artists. Art historians who responded to our invitation articulated their concepts and views on contemporary Croatian art and realized their ideas in the form of exhibitions and panels. 

We thank all the artists who participated with hope that interdisciplinary talks, gatherings and exchange of ideas will continue for the benefit of Croatian culture and critical thinking.

Croatian Society of Art Historians

Krešimir Katušić

Jurica Mihinjač

Nataša Vuković

Karlo Klen

Eugen Varzić

Vida Meić

Matko Meštrović

Mitar Matić

Stjepan Šandrk

Marina Rajšić

Margareta Belančić

Siniša Lordan

Vedran Perkov

Vice Tomasović

Ivana Tkalčić

Ivana Tkalčić

Leo Katunarić Kadele

Leo Katunarić Kadele

Manuela Košević

Dalija Stanić

Vitar Drinković

Ivana Geček

Igor Gržetić