Iconart Gallery

The Iconart Gallery at 26 Virmenska Street in the historic heart of Lviv, Ukraine, is committed to promoting, collecting, and offering for sale the very best in contemporary sacred art. Since our opening in 2010, we have been creating a growing community of like minded people who share the vision of bringing together contemporary art and spirituality in works that reinterpret historic art forms in a modern cultural context. Visitors who

make the short walk from Market Square to Iconart Gallery’s attractive studio in the old Armenian quarter of Lviv or call up its virtual art displays on-line will discover a wide selection of artworks in a variety of mediums from tempera panel paintings to works in textile and on glass. Traditional sacred themes and folk art motifs combine in pieces with unusual color palettes and modern designs that inspire the heart and delight the eye.

Exhibiting: Albina Yaloza and Olena Smaha