Josip Drdić

Josip Drdić is a visual and multimedia artist who graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2019, Art Education Department and continued his studies at New Media Department. He won Dean’s Award of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb for successful work during the academic year of 2013/2014 and Rector’s Award for Extensive Team Science and Artwork (2018/2019). His work is a process of re-examining everyday life and virtuality, using artistic analogy in researching the relationship between the perception of reality and its representation.

Artistry and aesthetics of his artworks is based on the foundations of suprematism from which the design originated. Here, design is taken as an expression to further explore its impact of the systematical in a society. Important characteristic of artist’s approach is multidisciplinary which manifest itself throughout combination of classical art forms and those of new media, conceptual art and contemporary research and creation.