K-2A is a unique artistic collaboration between Koraljka Kovač, Andereja Krušelj and Alira Hrabar, all are authors with a rich exhibition and production background. At the Art Zagreb, three female artists present original works — connecting three different artistic fields of activity into one exhibition concept unit. Koraljka Kovač, renowned painter and professor at Faculty of Textile Technology (TTF), works in the field of abstract art, and on the principle of multilayer surface treatment in various media — from paper and canvas to fabrics. Andereja Krušelj,

jewelry designer whose work is characterized by a distinct skill in shaping small sculptural forms in post-punk manner, in which she combines materials such as precious metals with organic and modern synthetic materials. Alira Hrabar, designer and painter with deep reflections, but visually clear and graphically distinct expression. She expresses herself through different media. Her illustrations in one iteration became books, animated characters in another, and she can also transpose them into three-dimensional space.

Alira Hrabar

Andereja Krušelj

Koraljka Kovač