Siniša Lordan



aluminum construction with canvas, pneumatic drive, electronics with interactive components, 100 × 190 × 25 cm



LED panel, 15 × 102 × 12 cm, 15 × 78 × 12 cm, 15 × 140 × 12 cm

Siniša Lordan uses interactive technological devices in her work. In these two works, he created two installations that deal with the very relevant topic, the truth, distortion, and the impossibility of uncovering the truth. The truth often depends on the one who presents it, on the social and historical context. Today, in the time of informational overflow, it seems like it is more and more unattainable.

The artwork The truth is made of white canvas, with a hidden mechanism behind it, which reacts to movements. At first glance, the object looks like a blank canvas, but by gradually approaching, the letters ISTINA (in Croatian: TRUTH) written on it become visible. If we get closer to the object, the mechanism gets activated, and the object turns into a blank canvas again. With this, the content of the work was hidden and taken away again. Only by stepping back and keeping the calm position, letters become visible again. In this way, the artist communicates with visitors, encouraging them to discover their own truth.

The light wall installation, composed of three elements, is a kind of artist’s statement, through which he criticizes the attitude toward the truth. Lordan’s works contain not only a reflection on the concept of truth but also a social context. He emphasizes that in his opinion, the truth is highly overrated because, in the time of distortion of the truth, it becomes an instrument of different interest groups, which ultimately determine our lives.

With the help of technology, the artist wants to take a neutral position and not lead the observer to his discovery of the truth, as society does, because art should and must remain outside of social manipulations and lies.

Danijela Pavlinović

Siniša Lordan was born in 1959 in Šibenik. From 2001 to 2005, he attended the Kunstakademie Münster in the class of prof. Tim Ulrichs. He is the winner of the Arthellweg scholarship, for the pneumatic fractal project. In numerous projects and exhibitions, Lordan develops thematic concepts and self-sufficient systems with interactive elements. His artistic activity includes spatial installations, kinetic objects, light protocols, and video works. He was represented at a large number of group exhibitions, among others at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Gustav-Lübcke-Museum, Hamm, MARTa, Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Herford, Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest, Künstlerforum, Bonn, GIGUK, VideoART Festival, Gießen, C.A.R., Forum und Medienkunst-Messe, Essen, (X)FEFV, Rijeka. He exhibited solo at the Kunstverein Lippstadt, Lippstadt, Gallery of St. Krševana, Šibenik, Galerie R8M, Cologne and Salon Galić, Split.